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Our Story

Our Story

Here’s what happened in 2018: 

A cave flooded in Thailand with a soccer coach and school aged boys being stranded for more than 2 weeks;

Mr Scott Morrison became the new Prime Minister of Australia;

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan arrive in Sydney to begin their royal tour of Australia and around Oceania, they also announced that the couple are expecting;

A lunar eclipse shone bright red at 4am in the morning in Australian skies, the longest many has seen for more than a century;

MassyMoo turned from a long-awaited idea into action, with the store launching its first sales from the home of founder’s parents.



Our Logo

There is a story behind the swan featured in our logo.

The black swan is a unique, native waterbird of the state of Western Australia where the founder of MassyMoo (Massy) was born and raised.

Massy used to walk with her best friend along the Swan River, discussing ways of how they could escape the corporate world so they could spend more time with the ones they love. 

All the while, they would watch the black swans gliding with grace along the still water, its baby cygnets following close behind like a steam train. 

These peaceful morning walks watching the black swans at play inspired the birth of MassyMoo.