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About MassyMoo

About MassyMoo

MassyMoo’s story began whilst its founder, Masitah, was on maternity leave. Since graduating university, Masitah has always dreamed of starting her own business, but living a busy, fast-paced life like everyone else meant that this dream sat on the backburner for some time. After giving birth to her first child, instead of seeing her new responsibilities as a further obstacle, Masitah's desire to be a stay-at-home Mum further fuelled her drive to revisit her business ideas. She dreamed of a life where she could work from home and thus look after her children, giving them the very best of her love, attention and care.  

Masitah has always placed fashion at the forefront and believes that how a person dresses says a lot about themselves. Being an active member of the Perth Muslim Community where she would frequent events and gatherings, and having worked in the corporate sector for more than a decade, it has become clear that wearing Islamically appropriate attire, especially for the workplace, that is trendy and fashionable is something that Muslim women have had to be creative with. Having seen the fashion trends from Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey and the like, Masitah created MassyMoo with the aim of bringing modest fashion pieces to your doorstep with the ease of online shopping!  

MassyMoo offers curated, limited ready-to-wear modest garments for the discerning Muslimah. We take pride in offering quality pieces that are to last for years to come despite the number of wears, which is why our items are bespoke and sewn by experienced tailors. MassyMoo offers abayas (jubahs), kaftans, basic inners, casual day/night wear as well as evening/formal/work attire. 

Our Logo

There is a story behind the swan featured in our logo.

The black swan is a native bird of the state of Western Australia where Masitah was born and raised. The idea of including this unique waterbird in the logo originated from the very first time Masitah decided to start a business. She used to walk with her best friend along Perth’s Swan River where they would think and discuss aloud ways of escaping the corporate world so they could spend more time with those they loved. All the while, they would watch the black swans gliding with grace along the still water, its baby cygnets following close behind like a steam train.

These peaceful morning walks watching the black swans at play inspired the birth of MassyMoo.